Iran jails 9 Baha’is in Isfahan and Golestan

On Tuesday June 13, two Baha’i residents of Isfahan, Noushin Salekian and Farideh Abdi, were summoned to the 1st Branch of Shahin Shahr Court, where they were arrested and transferred to Dolat Abad Prison in Isfahan.
These two women were charged with “acting against national security” and “spreading propaganda against the government”.
On Monday, Maryam Dehghan Yazdeli, Mozhdeh Zohouri, Farah Tabianian and Houshmand Dehghan Yazdeli, four Baha’is residing in the province of Golestan were also arrested by security forces in their homes.
Three other Baha’i women were also jailed in Golestan. They are Sheida Ghodousi, Pouneh Sanayi and Nazi Tahghighi who went to the Intelligence Agency in this province to serve their prison terms. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Jun. 14, 2017)

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