Iran: Civil rights activist says two slain protesters shot by security forces

Civil rights activists Mukhtar Zarei cited the reason behind the death of protesters Sarou Ghahremani and Kianoush Zand.
“Sarou was an athlete and was a very healthy kid. He was not a member of any political groups. Kianoush Zandi was also not political and did not commit any crimes. On that day in Sanandaj, the entrance and exits of the city were occupied by Bassij checkpoints. When Sarou and Kianoush reached the checkpoint, the car that was following them started shooting at their car.”
“The Islamic Republic is lying! They were not armed and were not members of any party and did not die in an armed clash. Their car was barraged by bullets,” Zarei added.
“Dozens of witnesses saw that the agents did not approach the car to see if the boys were alive or not. They brought a crane and carried the car away while the boys were still in it,” he added.

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