Iran: Security forces open fire on peaceful farmer protesters in Varzaneh

Varzaneh Isfahan farmers

The State Security Force opened fire on Varzaneh farmers in their peaceful protest rally on March 9, injuring at least seven individuals. The injured farmers were rushed to hospitals in Isfahan Province, central Iran.

Farmers marched and continued their protests and restate their demands regarding agricultural water and continuing their series of protests against the lack and halt of water rights. Authorities are rerouting water sources and depriving these farmers of their daily needs.

The people and farmers of Varzaneh have been rallying and marching since Wednesday, February 28th, in protest of their lack of water distribution for their farms.

Water rights generally include the contribution of water to a village, farm, garden or house from the waters of rivers, springs, aqueducts, underground waters or wells at certain known hours and amounts.

The farmers of Eastern Isfahan had been benefiting from their water rights since the time of the Sheikh Baha’i, but after the continuous droughts in Iran, no water rights were allocated to the Varzaneh area for neither spring plantings nor was their watering allocated for the autumn plantings.