Gonabadi Dervish women beaten in Qarchak Prison, Varamin

After four months of extensive human rights violations of the detainee dervish women and the lack of supervision of the authorities on the requirements of the prisoners, on Monday, June 18, 2018, the dervish women in protest to the poor condition of their care, lack of proper medical facilities, and for being banned from outside communications started to protest in the courtyard of Qarchak Prison.

In the evening of the same day, the prison agents, instead of hearing their protest and addressing their legal demands, instigated a number of women whom were subjected to heavy punishments to start a fight with the dervish women. The fight continued for about an hour on that day and the dervish women were severely beaten and injured. The jail agents also close the hall’s door and denied the dervish women from leaving and entering.

On Wednesday afternoon, June 20, security officers and several prison authorities named: Mohammadi (Prison Director), Reza Halvai (Commander of the Defense Forces), Sarafraz (Head of Information Security), Bagheri (Commander of Conservation Units) Abdullahi (Deputy of Conservation Units), Karbala’i (Defensive Uniformed Agent), as well as female authorities: Mirza’i (Health Deputy), Shah Ali (Head of the Consultative Section), Mahmoudi (Chief of the Enforcement Branch), Sahrai (Head of Security), Sa’adat (Head of the Inspection Office), and Khosh Raftari (officer in the Security Unit) by ignoring the ethical and Islamic ethics, started to drag and pull the dervish women’s hair inside the internal aisle of the prison, and attacked them with numerous batons and electric shockers in a way that the clothes of these women were torn and ripped.

The order for the use of electric shocks and batons was issued by the Commander of the Defense Forces, Reza Halvai, along with Karbala’I, the Defensive Uniformed Agent, who was filming an inappropriate condition by showing the women’s crumbs that were caused by the beatings of the officers.

According to a report, one of the agents violently hits Mrs. Shokoufeh Yadollahi’s face with a baton so hard that even after 10 days till now, her condition is in a severe position.

They were beaten by the use of electric shocks and batons so harshly that one of the dervish women known as Sepideh Moradi lost conscious and fainted. Another named, Maryam Farsiyabi was injured severely from her neck to the leg and Avisha Jalaluddin was injured severely in the neck. The condition of all three has been reported to be in danger. The dervish women started a hunger strike after this attack and some of them are reported to be seriously ill.

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