Iran: Arrest and abuse of Kurd citizens continues in Marivan


On December 2, security forces arrested two Kurd citizens in Marivan. They have been identified as Abdul Razaq Mahmoudi and Amir Vahedi. These two have been taken to an unknown location.
On Sunday, December 3, another Kurd man identified as Aram Nikpaai was released only before security forces beat him which led to fractures in his face, head and ribs.

In addition to this, on Sunday, December 3, labor activist Mohammad Karimi, was arrested in Boukan and was taken to the Central Prison in this town.
Earlier, on Thursday, November 30, Tahsin Dadres was apprehended after being shot and wounded by security forces at the Marivan Stadium.
Six Kurd civil activists were summoned and interrogated by the Sanandaj Intelligence Agency via telephone in recent days. They have been identified as Farhad Chatani, Tayeb Chatani, Lotfollah Ahmadi, Haidar Akhteh, Afshin Adab and Ahmad Karbaschi.